Haha Claims A Customer Grabbed His Butt In The Very Restaurant He Runs Himself

That’s appalling.

In a recent episode of MBC‘s FlushedCheek Feast of Hermits, Haha vented his frustration about some customers that visit his restaurant.

The show revealed the story of Paeng Hyun Sook and the blood sausage restaurant she manages, and that’s when Haha sympathized with the hardships.

There are all sorts of customers out there.

— Haha

But what particularly surprised the cast was the specific incident Haha experienced in the very restaurant that he runs himself.

I’d talk to this customer, and then before I know it, their hand is on my butt.

— Haha

And in response, Paeng Hyun Sook shared a shocking story of her own.

One customer claimed a tooth came out of their food, but it looked too clean so I said, ‘That doesn’t look like it was from today.’ And they shouted, ‘Ha, how can a celebrity say that?’ and even took a photo to threaten me with online.

— Paeng Hyun Sook

It’s been revealed that Haha runs a meat restaurant with his SBS‘s Running Man co-star Kim Jong Kook.

| @ilovegamdong/Twitter

But from the sounds of it, it sure isn’t easy running a restaurant as well-known celebrities.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight