Haha Recently Fought With His Wife After Drinking Too Much And His Son’s Response Put Him To Shame

He was proud and ashamed all at the same time.

Haha got really real on his most recent appearance on Kim Jong Min‘s YouTube channel The Shade House. The two television entertainers showed off their close friendship, as Haha began to dive into his most recent fight that he had with his wife Byul.

Haha (left) with Kim Jong Min (right) on “The Shade Room” | YouTube

About two weeks ago, I got into a really big fight with my wife. Actually, it wasn’t a fight, I just got into really big trouble by my wife.

— Haha

Haha then explained the exact reason why he got in trouble by Byul and what led to their argument.

I am self-employed with my businesses and so due to various reasons, I had been frustrated. So without realizing it, I began drinking.

— Haha

And as Haha continued to drink his frustrations away, his wife asked him to stop. However, the entertainer said that he continued his drinking, which ultimately led to the confrontation.

She asked me, “oppa, stop drinking now” but I couldn’t stop. I got into a lot of trouble then. She told me to leave the house.

— Haha

Because of his pride, Haha shared that he actually did leave the house, but quickly realized he had nowhere to go.

So I actually left, but I had nowhere to go. But because of my pride, I stayed out in the entrance of our building for about an hour before heading back inside.

— Haha

The Running Man cast member continued his story by revealing the adorable ending that him and Byul had after he returned home.

But I was thankful because Go Eun (Byul’s birth name) actually ended up apologizing to me first. She said she was sorry for not being there for me when I needed her the most.

— Haha

However, it was Haha’s oldest son’s response to the entire situation that left him speechless.

The following day, Dream came to me and started petting my hair. Then he said to me, ‘dad I’m not telling you to stop drinking, but don’t get too drunk.’

— Haha

And as Haha does, he turned the touching moment into a comedic one by sharing his true thoughts on Dream’s response. Through his laughter, this is what Haha had to say:

While it was a proud and admirable moment, I was really ashamed of myself.

— Haha

It was following the comment that Haha explained the exact reason why his son’s response made him so ashamed of himself.

I realized all of my charisma was gone.

— Haha

Oh Haha, what a story! You can watch the entire episode of Haha on The Shade Room down below.

Source: WikiTree