Haha Thanked Every “Running Man” Member Except Song Ji Hyo At SBS Entertainment Awards — Here’s Why

Haha sparked conflict rumors with Song Ji Hyo with his behavior.

Haha recently sparked conflict rumors when he thanked every Running Man member except Song Ji Hyo during his award acceptance speech at SBS Entertainment Awards.

And on a recent episode of Running Man, Haha addressed how that happened.

On the show, the members congratulated each other on their wins when Haha brought up the incident regarding Song Ji Hyo.

I need to apologize to Ji Hyo about something.

— Haha

He then explained why he thanked every member except for her.

I was naming everybody in front of me during my acceptance speech. But Ji Hyo wasn’t there, so I ended up forgetting about her.

— Haha

Haha added that he’s been getting a lot of DMs from fans as a result.

People have been asking me if something happened to the Mapo-gu Siblings. They said they’re not disappointed but demanded that I explain.

— Haha


But Song Ji Hyo jokingly confessed that she’s disappointed.

I’m a little disappointed. I’m done with the Mapo-gu Siblings.

— Song Ji Hyo

On the bright side, there’s no conflict between Haha and Song Ji Hyo as it was nothing but a mishap!

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight

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