American Band HAIM Reveal Just How Much They Love BTS And Who Their Bias Is

They are true ARMY!

American trio HAIM took home the BRIT Award for the “Best International Group.” BTS was also nominated for this award. Despite missing out, the group was still in the spotlight throughout the night.

| @HAIMtheband/Twitter

Before the show started, HAIM took to the red carpet and couldn’t stop talking about BTS!

We are praying that BTS is here! We’ve never met them, but we’re hoping that tonight is the night!


Unfortunately, for HAIM, BTS was not there. The trio was then asked who their bias was, and they seemed to answer without any hesitation, joining a list of celebs who love V!

Even after the BRITs, the group took to Twitter voicing their love for BTS, and it looks like another set of celebrities have cemented themselves as ARMY!

It seems as if everyone can’t help but fall in love with BTS, and is it any surprise! Welcome to the fandom HAIM!

Source: FI and FI


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