Halsey Reveals Release Date For Her Collaboration With BTS’s Suga

“SUGA’s Interlude” is coming soon.

The next BTS Halsey collaboration is coming very, very soon!


On December 3, Halsey revealed that the thirteenth song on her 2020 studio album, Manic, is “SUGA’s Interlude”. The song features Suga, who, like Manic‘s two other collaborators (Alanis Morisette and Dominic Fike), represents part of Halsey’s psyche.


“Three people who I think really represent parts of my psyche, and parts of my personality in so many different ways,” Halsey explained in an Instagram live. She described Suga as having an introspective and intelligent perspective.


Halsey’s full album isn’t being released until January 17, 2020, but she is planning to release two of its songs,  “Finally // beautiful stranger” and “SUGA’s Interlude”, on Friday, December 6.