Halsey Gifts BTS With Beautiful Friendship Bracelets

Can we get in on this friendship too?

BTS and Halsey have become closer than ever thanks to their latest collaboration for “Boy With Luv”, and Halsey decided to solidify their beautiful friendship with a special gift!


Halsey uploaded a video of a beautiful pink diamond bracelet on her Instagram story. She wrote “friendship” in Korean and revealed that she finally got to give these bracelets to “everyone” at Las Vegas.


And who were these “everyone” that she was talking about? It was BTS! BTS also uploaded a video of their sparkly friendship bracelet as they thanked Halsey for the gift!


Halsey and BTS first met when they ran into each other at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017.


They’ve clicked ever since then and have been in contact, which ultimately led to their hit collab “Boy With Luv”!


BTS and Halsey are currently in Las Vegas preparing for their first-ever collab stage at the Billboard Music Awards 2019!


Let’s watch their MV to celebrate this beautiful friendship!