Halsey Congratulates BLACKPINK’s Rosé On Her Solo Debut, With A Funny Twist

It was all thanks to a BLINK.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and Halsey‘s friendship is beloved by fans. Between Rosé covering Halsey’s songs and the two having dinner dates in Paris, they’re a lovable duo. As the closest of friends, they’re also supportive of each other.

Rosé and Halsey in Paris. | roses_are_rosie/Instagram

When Rosé recently released the “On The Ground” music video for her solo debut, Halsey was right there to cheer her on, with a funny twist that fans immediately noticed.

| @Spotify/Twitter

Among the many comments on Rosé’s video, Halsey left a supportive one cheering on her success and welcoming more to come.

I can’t express how proud I am of you, girl. Keep it up! Massive love.

— Halsey

While the comment was full of love, there was a funny meaning behind it, thanks to one particular BLINK.

| YouTube

Before Halsey posted the comment, a fan had created an edit of Halsey posting the phrase under the video to encourage fans to keep streaming.

About fifteen minutes later, Halsey actually decided to take the comment and post it through her YouTube account.

BLINKs are loving how Halsey can have fun right along with them. She and Rosé truly have an adorable friendship.

| @halsey/Twitter

Check out Rosé’s highly anticipated solo debut here.


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