Halsey Explains Why ARMY Got Upset With Elvis Duran’s BTS Interview And It’s So On Point

ARMY is satisfied with Halsey’s clarification.

During a recent interview on iHeart Radio with Elvis Duran, Halsey came to explain the recent controversy that involved the American interviewer himself and BTS. And what she said on behalf of ARMYs worldwide is now leaving them grateful and better understood!

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When Elvis Duran mentioned that he received some backlash for asking which BTS member is most likely to mess up the choreography, Halsey tried to explain why it became such a sensitive issue among the fans. And in the process, she made sure ARMY was well represented and the fans love that she knew exactly how they felt.

Trending today, other than me being yelled at by BTS ARMY for that question…

— Elvis Duran


Halsey stepped in as soon as Elvis Duran brought up the issue and said she has something to say about the whole “controversy” that spiked from that interview. Halsey pointed out that nor he neither the question itself is the “target” of the frustration.

Okay I wanted to say something on that subject… I want you to know that it’s not you. They’re not upset with you.

— Halsey


Halsey continued to explain that, in her opinion, some people in the audience could and should have been a little more supportive of the members. Instead, they went ahead and called out names, ultimately making everyone uncomfortable. Halsey claimed that this is rather what upset the ARMY, not Elvis Duran himself or his rehearsed question.

I think it’s about maybe some of the other fans in the interview who had a name to say in a moment where they probably shouldn’t have… in a moment where they could have been really really supportive.

— Halsey


Halsey also told Elvis Duran that no ARMY wants him to be hard on himself for the bit of backlash that came from the BTS interview. She assured him that most of the ARMY is actually grateful for the show to shine so much light on the members and their music.

So I don’t want you to be hard on yourself. The ARMY really loves you, really loves this station…

— Halsey


She then excused herself for speaking on behalf of all ARMY. She added, “I hope they don’t mind me speaking on their behalf but it’s definitely not about you.” Elvis Duran agreed that for the most part, “99% of the ARMY is totally happy with last night’s interview” and that he is okay with the slight criticism.


And with that, ARMY is falling in love with Halsey all over again! BTS fans are happy shocked by the fact that she took the moment to clarify the situation and explain things better on their behalf. Fans are now calling Halsey a diehard ARMY as well – because otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to describe how they felt so point on.

Source: Xports News