Ham So Won Admits To Deleting All Of Her Husband’s Instagram DM’s

She reveals they’re all from women.

Ham So Won has revealed that she goes through her husband’s social media accounts to delete direct messages from other women.

| ham_so1/Instagram

On the January 12th episode of TV Chosun‘s Taste of Wife, Ham So Won shocked viewers with her most recent confession. It was here that the topic of direct messages randomly came up and it was to this that the actress shared with viewers that she goes through her husband’s Instagram account. She didn’t end it there, however, as she continued to share that,

I go onto my husband’s Instagram account frequently and delete all his direct messages.

— Ham So Won

She further shares with viewers and the studio that there are always follow up messages that are sent to her husband after she deletes their intial messages. Without any hesitation, she reveals that she deletes the follow up messages as well.

There will be messages that come after I delete them saying things like, ‘I think So Won unnie erased my previous messages.’ I delete those too.

— Ham So Won

When the actress was asked if her husband knew that she was deleting his messages, she responded that he did.

| @ham_so1/Instagram

Ham So Won, who is an actress married former idol trainee Jin Hua back in 2018. The news shocked the nation due to their noticeable age gap. Ham So Won is older than Jin Hua by 18 years, which naturally got netizens buzzing. Their love story, however, became popular nationwide and the two lovebirds rose to fame almost overnight. In 2019, they expanded their family and welcomed a beautiful baby girl.

Still from “Taste of Wife” | TV Chosun
Source: Naver