Ham So Won Describes How Drastically She Changed After Marrying Jin Hua

Her life before and after marriage is totally different.

On a recent episode of Channel A‘s Eye Contact, Ham So Won (45), who is well-known for her marriage with Jin Hua (27), opened up about how much she changed after getting married to her husband.

On the show, fellow guest, Haha expressed his opinion that 70% of men must change themselves after getting married.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang Min wondered if a man could truly be happy if the marriage revolved around the wife.

That’s when Ham So Won shared her story, but it was about how drastically she changed, not Jin Hua.

Ham So Won claimed,

It’s obvious that you have to change once you get married.

— Ham So Won

She then went on to explain,

Before I got married, I went to work out in the morning. And then at night, I held parties, and then I went to clubs and went crazy. I did that every day, and I was happy.

— Ham So Won

Ham So Won continued,

When my mom asked me when I was getting married, I told her, ‘I’m so happy right now. I’m clubbing in Hong Kong tomorrow.’ I loved my single life.

— Ham So Won

According to Ham So Won, some men even asked to marry her, but she could never decide if she would be happier single or married.

But after marrying Jin Hua, Ham So Won’s life completely changed, and she doesn’t mind it at all.

As soon as my husband, Jin Hua appeared, I didn’t want to go clubbing anymore, and I actually just wanted to spend more time with him. So we ended up getting married, had a baby, and although I have no time for myself anymore, I’m changing because I like it.

— Ham So Won

For Ham So Won, her family now comes first.

If I have to choose between family and work, I’ll choose family. I work to support my family.

— Ham So Won

Source: Dispatch