Ham So Won And Jin Hua To Leave “Taste Of Wife” Amid Accusations Of Lying

“It is only right for the Ham So Won, Jin Hua couple to leave the show.”

Ham So Won and Jin Hua will be leaving TV Chosun‘s Taste of Wife possibly due to accusations of lying. Taste of Wife is a reality show “with a concept of Korean couples looking for a life of ‘small but surely feasible happiness’ at the table.

It is only right for the Ham So Won, Jin Hua couple to leave the show. We took Ham So Won’s opinion into consideration and made the decision.

—TV Chosun

The couple has had many controversies that could have lead to this decision. Ham So Won joined Taste of Wife in 2018 after being married to Jin Hua, who is 18 years younger than her. She specifically gained attention for marrying into Jin Hua’s wealthy family who owns a family business conglomerate in China. Jin Hua’s parents often appeared on the show and even showed viewers their family mansion and vacation home in China.

| @ham_so1/Instagram

However, rumors have been spread that all the luxurious homes were fake. A netizen raised questions when they found the vacation home that was depicted on the show listed on Airbnb. According to the listing, the home is owned by someone else, and the photos closely resembled the layout of the house shown on Taste of Wife.

Some believe that Jin Hua’s parents posted the house on Airbnb themselves, however, the vacation home was listed on Airbnb even before Ham So Won showed the home on TV. One netizen also claimed, “I asked Ham So Won about the vacation home during one of her live streams, but then she kicked me out of the chat.”

Netizens asked TV Chosun to clarify about the vacation home, but the official from the channel stated, “We are only in charge of the content of the show and do not know the details of the participants’ wealth and finances.”

| @ham_so1/Instagram


The couple announced that they were leaving the show through their social media without any explanation about the controversy.

Source: EDaily
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