T-ARA’s Ahreum Defends Premarital Pregnancy, Receives Backlash For Informal Invite To Members

What are your opinions on the backlash?

Former T-ARA member Ahreum has received backlash after revealing her premarital pregnancy.

Her wedding was originally set for February of next year, but after finding out about her pregnancy, she announced that the wedding would be held on October 20, 2019, in order for her to take care of the baby for a healthy pregnancy.

News of her premarital pregnancy, however, received much criticism online. Ahreum defended her pregnancy with another long message through social media.

The level of these comments though! I just hope it was young kids who wrote these comments! Thanks for taking the time to write comments. But I’m really curious. Speeding violations only occur on the road, no? How can something that happened between a loved one be a crime?

Fans showed disappointment as they responded to her message.

She also posted a message online revealing her hopes that T-ARA members would come to her wedding.

I changed my number not long after leaving the group. I hid away from everything so I don’t have the other member’s numbers. It’s been such a long time and I’ve received a lot of negative backlash so I was cautious about everything. I would be really happy if all the members came to celebrate with me.

Her message continued,

I’ve always have been supporting everyone and I hope that this would be an opportunity for us to get rid of the negative image that has been put on us. I also hope that everyone can love and support all the members no matter what they do. And me too. I really miss all the members. It’s okay if you can’t come to my wedding. I will always be supporting you guys in my heart.

However, fans yet again criticized her for her public and informal invite to the members.

What do you think about her way of inviting the members?

Han Ahreum joined the group in 2012 and performed together for a year before leaving due to health issues. She was also seen briefly on KBS D-Unit in 2017.

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