Han Choim Talks About Negative Comments, Reveals Story Behind Revealing SMA Dress

“I’ve become immune to negative comments…”

Camila‘s Han Choim, who was the MC of the 28th Seoul Music Awards, was recently bashed on by netizens for her revealing dress.

Netizens Bash Seoul Music Awards Red Carpet MC For Her Revealing Dress


Since the incident, she has opened up about the dress and how she has been dealing with the reaction. Firstly, she revealed that she was the one that chose the dress.

I’ve always prepared (the clothes) myself without a stylist. It’s the same for Camila. It’s not only the outfits, I take care of the general tasks myself as well.

ㅡ Han Choim


In fact, she bought the dress for 100,000 won ($89 USD) herself and tailored it to the design she wanted.

I bought the for about 100,000 won ($89) from a clothing store I know. The costs for tailoring was about 170,000 won ($151 USD). I also picked the design. After receiving the dress, it looked different from the photo so I re-designed it. I thought about wearing a belt but the skirt still looked boring. I usually prefer a look that highlights the hipline so I changed the design to a body suit that emphasizes the bottom rather than the top.

ㅡ Han Choim


She continued to explain that while she did think about the idea that no one would pay much attention to her when there were so many famous celebrities attending the event, she had no idea she would receive the reaction she received.

It could look shocking but honestly, the event was attended by so many famous celebrities. So no matter how much I stripped off, I thought no one would pay any attention. But I didn’t wear the dress to create any issue. I had no expectations. I simply wanted to show my style. I chose an outfit that emphasized my fit so I didn’t expect this reaction in the least bit.

ㅡ Han Choim


In regard to all the negative comments, Han Choim stated that there was one comment that caught her eye and she even saved a screenshot of the comment because she was so touched.

The comment said, “As the leader of Camila, which goes for a self-relying concept, Han Choim takes charge of the group’s producing herself. Thanks to her noble sacrifice of providing an issue to promote her group’s name at least once, there will be a day when her true value is re-evaluated.” I saved a screenshot because it was touching.

ㅡ Han Choim


She also mentioned that working in the entertainment field for the past 6 years, she has become immune to negative comments but at the moment, she was simply thankful to receive this much attention, whether it be good or bad.

It’s been about 6 years since I worked in entertainment now. I’ve become immune to negative comments. Actually, it’s the first time I’ve received this much attention so whether it’s praise or criticism, I’m receiving it the same way. Without classifying them into good or bad, all of the comments come to me as interest and that makes me happy. All of them give me strength. My members were very happy when the interest in my extended to Camila. I received a congratulatory message.

ㅡ Han Choim


In a concluding message, the artist expressed that she was ready to do anything and everything for Camila in the future.

I became an issue because of the dress but we will show different aspects of ourselves through various activities. We have a unique charm and I’d like many people to know this. I plan to do anything and everything for Camila in the future. Even today, I went to the broadcasting station and handed out our profiles. We’ll do our best to promote ourselves and we plan to release a new album this year as well.

ㅡ Han Choim

Source: My Daily