Han Hye Jin Makes Surprise Wedding Announcement

She revealed the date!

Han Hye Jin made a surprising wedding announcement.

Han Hye Jin | Pinterest

On December 3, Han Hye Kim made an appearance on My Little Old Boy. On this day, Han Hye Jin attempted to make her mother’s Gochujang, a Korean pepper paste that is widely used in Korean cuisine.  

Han Hye Jin’s mother also made an appearance to help the model. While making the food, Han Hye Jin’s mother asked Han Hye Jin when she was getting married.

So you have no plans for marriage? Are you just going to spend your days building an empty home?

— Han Hye Jin’s mother

Han Hye Jin then revealed that she was getting married and even revealed her wedding date.

I am going to get married! On October 10! 2033…

— Han Hye Jin

Dismayed, Han Hye Jin’s mother then offered to set her daughter up, which Han Hye Jin declined.

Meanwhile, Han Hye Jin recently thrilled fans when she reunited with some of her friends from I Live Alone. You can check out the full video in the link below!

Source: wikitree