Han Hye Jin Opens Up About Her Honest Feelings In Having To Take A Hiatus From “I Live Alone” Due To Her Breakup

She was nearly in tears as she confessed everything.

Han Hye Jin finally returned to I Live Alone after taking a hiatus for 7 months due to her breakup with co-star Jun Hyun Moo. Although it wasn’t a permanent return, she reunited with the cast as they watched a day in her life.


During her segment, Han Hye Jin looked awkward as she hadn’t been interviewed by I Live Alone in so long. Her eyes began to water as she kept claiming, “It’s so weird“.


She soon began to open up about how she coped with her hiatus. She explained that she wasn’t able to watch a single episode since her departure because it was too hard on her.

She told herself that she wasn’t on a hiatus but had left for good in order for her to cope easier.

I missed it a lot.

I don’t know how this may sound, but after I left, I never saw an episode even once. I couldn’t watch.

When I left the show, there wasn’t any certainty that I would return, so I told myself to think that I left forever. It was mentally easier for me that way.

— Han Hye Jin


After viewing her segment, she confessed that she never thought that she’d get the opportunity to return to the show. Although this week was simply a visit, she hopes to return again soon.

She claimed that I Live Alone is “home” to her.

I’m very worried of how the viewers will think of [my return]. That’s my honest feeling. I came today thinking of it as me coming by to have fun.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back but I missed everyone and I wanted to show my fans on I Live Alone how I’m doing.

I had so much fun today. It felt like I came back home.

— Han Hye Jin


The show’s producer had previously explained that Han Hye Jin and Jun Hyun Moo are still a part of the show even though they are on a hiatus. They promised to bring both back to the show whenever they found a good opportunity.

Source: Sports Donga