Han Ji Min Answers Questions Comparing Her To Son Ye Jin From “Something In The Rain”

Han Ji Min is being compared to Son Ye Jin as they work with the same director.

Han Ji Min recently attended a press conference for her upcoming dramaOne Spring Night. The drama was directed by the same director from the mega-hit series, Something In The Rain. Jung Hae In, who starred in the drama, is also taking the lead male role for One Spring Night.

Left to right: Director, Han Ji Min, Jung Hae In


Due to the similarities of the hit drama and One Spring Night, a reporter asked what she thought about people comparing her to Son Ye Jin, the female lead of Something In The Rain.

Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In in teaser poster for “Something In The Rain”.


Although the inappropriate question may have been uncomfortable to answer, Han Ji Min responded with grace and respect. She revealed that she greatly admires Son Ye Jin for her work but she would like the attention to focus on the new drama itself instead of a comparison between the two.

I really like actress Son Ye Jin. The roles Son Ye Jin and I can play are different. I want to talk about something else than getting judged on how we compare on who did better.

I don’t hesitate about any projects because of the pressure I may feel in that sense.

— Han Ji Min


Netizens agreed with Han Ji Min as they claimed it was rude of the reporters to compare her to the actress of another drama. They claimed the two actresses both had their different charms and were both beautiful as they were talented!


Needless to say, the netizens are 100% right as both actresses deserve more than to be compared to each other when they both have so much to offer to the world of K-Dramas!

Source: Seoul En