Han Ji Min Is Worried She’s Less Attractive To Men Because Of Her True Personality

“I need to work on it…” — Han Ji Min

Actress, Han Ji Min recently appeared on KBS Cool FM’s Good Day To Love, Lee Geum Hee, where she opened up about her charms as a woman.


In particular, Han Ji Min made the revelation that in contrast to her appearance, she isn’t the type to act cute to everyone.

I’m good at acting cute with my niece, but I’m not sure if I’m all that cute when I’m dating.

— Han Ji Min

| KBS Cool FM

And that’s a trait that Han Ji Min wants to work on.

It’s not something you can do just from studying. I want to work on it.

— Han Ji Min

| KBS Cool FM

One of the reasons is her worry pertaining to her dating life.


Han Ji Min confessed that in addition to acting less cute, she’s not very good at playing hard-to-get, and she believes that makes her less attractive to men.

I have no idea what playing hard-to-get is, and I don’t know how to do it. I’m very happy just by giving love, so I don’t know if that’s necessary. But when I ask men, they say they find women who play hard-to-get charming.

— Han Ji Min

| KBS Cool FM

Contrary to some of her on-screen roles, Han Ji Min is actually famous for having a chill personality.

And many would agree that that is very attractive.

Maybe Han Ji Min should give herself more credit!

Source: Insight