Actress Han Ji Min’s Nephew Gains Attention For “Actor-Like” Visuals

They look exactly alike.

Actress Han Ji Min has two adorable nephews, Ro Ma and Ro Ha! Although Han Ji Min herself is not yet married, neither does she have children, she dotes on her nephews as if they were her own.

She is especially close to the older nephew, Ro Ma. She even named her Instagram account after him! Her account stands at @roma.emo, meaning “Ro Ma’s Aunt.”

Han Ji Min and a young Ro Ma. | @roma.emo/Instagram

Roma is all grown up now! In a series of photos uploaded by the star, Roma is now a young teen.

| @roma.emo/Instagram

Thanks to his huge features, some feel that he even looks foreign.

| @roma.emo/Instagram

Despite his young age, he’s already taller than Han Ji Min!

| @roma.emo/Instagram

It seems like Han Ji Min went on a holiday with her nephew. She snapped photos of him enjoying nature.

| @roma.emo/Instagram

It looks like good genes run in the family. He looks almost exactly like Han Ji Min, who is known for her natural beauty.

| @roma.emo/Instagram

Netizens praised his visuals.

  • Inviting him to the drama and movie actors category.
  • K-Idols category is waiting for you.
  • He looks a little like a more defined version of NCT’s Haechan. His limbs are so long.
  • Wow, his face is a baby, but why is he so tall?
  • No, but it’s like I’m looking at that meme of Pikachu with its legs stretched out. Why is the baby’s legs the only thing stretched?
  • Oh my, what’s up with his physique.
  • No, but when did the baby grow this big? He’s already so grown.
  • Isn’t it fair for him to be in the idols category because his aunt is under the actor category?
  • No, but Ro Ma grew up so much.

Will we be seeing his debut in the entertainment industry soon? He actually had a small role in one of Han Ji Min’s commercials once. He had gone to visit her on set, and ended up being cast. He certainly has the visuals of an actor or idol!

Ro Ma and Han Ji Min in a commercial. | World Today
Source: Theqoo