Han Seo Hee Accused Male Model Of Being A Rapist, Now He’s Suing Her

“Today, I filed a lawsuit against Han Seo Hee and 10 000 online netizens.”

Kang Hyuk Min, who was the center of yet another controversy around Han Seo Hee, stated that he successfully filed to sue Han Seo Hee and 10 000 online commenters who left defamatory remarks on his social media pages.

Kang posted a photo on his Instagram page that shows that he’s filed a civil lawsuit. Though it’s not clear what the exact charges are, it is likely for defamation.

“Hello, this is Kang Hyuk Min. There were a lot of people and a lot of evidence needed to be collected, so it took a bit of time.

Today, I filed a lawsuit against Han Seo Hee and 10 000 online netizens.”

— Kang Hyuk Min

Kang Hyuk Min went on to list the reasons why he has decided to file the lawsuit, including isolating online hate commenters:

“I’m not suing them because they are women. I’m suing them in order to separate them from regular society, isolating those who do not understand that their humiliating of others online has consequences.”

— Kang Hyuk Min

He went on to state that his lawsuit will rectify the wrongdoings of “misguided” feminists.

Last year, Han Seo Hee alleged that Kang Hyuk Min was a “potential rapist”, and posted a screenshot of a Kang Hyuk Min’s social media post — “I would like to rape a woman” —, which was later proven to be fake. Kang Hyuk Min’s lawsuit is in response to the online backlash and hate comments he received as a result of Han Seo Hee’s actions.

Han Seo Hee bashes Korean model for being a rapist, He’s innocent

Han Seo Hee responded to Kang Hyuk Min’s post with a series of posts of her own, including one that alleged that Kang Hyuk Min might just be after some money and another that simply asked him to stop mentioning her name.

“You can sue if you want but please stop mentioning my nameㅠㅠ I don’t want to be associated with you, I’m too big for that…Please think of my welfare.”

— Han Seo Hee

The lawsuit has been garnering plenty of attention, but it certainly doesn’t appear to have reigned in Han Seo Hee’s social media presence:

“I’ll restrain myself since I’m pretty.”

— Han Seo Hee

Source: Nate News