Han Seo Hee bashes Korean model for being a rapist, He’s innocent

Ulzzang Kang Hyuk Min revealed his plans to take legal actions against recent feminists attacks led by Han Seo Hee on his Instagram account.

On November 30, Kang Hyuk Min suggested that he will sue the netizens who taunted him as a potential rapist.

“I was extremely taunted by a group of people who are so-called feminists.”

— Kang Hyuk Min

Kang Hyuk Min previously addressed the controversial feminist figure Han Seo Hee as a ‘Someone with pain in their heart’ on his Instagram account, regarding her recent framing against Korean male.

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Han Seo Hee quickly responded to him with a screen capture of Kang Hyuk Min’s previous posting, which states ‘I would like to rape a woman’.

Source: @hxxsxxhee

Although the alleged incident is fake, previously proved by the police back when it occurred, thousands of netizens attacked him via his Instagram account based on Han Seo Hee’s accusations.

“Can’t believe Han Seo Hee posted incorrect information against Kang Hyuk Min. She really cannot have a rational argument without fabricating stories or trolling others.”

Kang Hyuk Min is determined to take the legal actions against anyone who insults him based upon false rumor, ruining his reputation with no basis on evidence.

“It is so easy for them to frame a normal civilian as a rapist. I do not have the irrational thoughts as that particular group.

If convicted, that person will not get off easy by paying the fines, because of the current probation status.”

— Kang Hyuk Min

Since then, Han Seo Hee sent multiple messages to Kang Hyuk Min to plea her case, which was all captured and posted on Kang Hyuk Min’s Instagram.

” …When I (Han Seo Hee) screen captured the picture, I did not personally write that you (Kang Hyuk Min) were the rapist. Please read carefully….”

Source: @hyouhyou0410

Han Seo Hee, a self-claimed feminist, is known to create tons of controversy, following her famous arrest for weed possession with BIGBANG’s T.O.P.

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Time will only tell if Kang Hyuk Min will actually take a legal action against Han Seo Hee, who is under probation at the moment, and will be in bigger trouble once convicted or more crimes.


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