Netizens Criticize Han Seo Hee For Her Response To Question Regarding B.I

“She’s definitely not sane…”

Han Seo Hee has been criticized by netizens for the response she gave to a question regarding B.I.

On July 23, Han Seo Hee shared a question from a netizen and her answer on her Instagram Story. The question read, “Excuse me, but when will B.I’s case begin investigation? I really hope the truth is properly revealedㅜ.”


In response to the question, Han Seo Hee replied that she does not know either and sounded as if she was empathizing with the netizen asking the question.

I don’t know either…I coordinated my appearance with the prosecutor’s office and everything but…ㅠ

ㅡ Han Seo Hee


Netizens have been criticizing Han Seo Hee for sounding as if she was not at all guilty and for her attitude in general.


Meanwhile, former iKON member B.I was accused of drug use last month and it was revealed that the informant who reported the information was Han Seo Hee.


Source: My Daily

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