Han Seo Hee Officially Indicted For Methamphetamine Use — Attends First Trial

She may face prison sentence this time.

Han Seo Hee has officially been indicted for her methamphetamine use. On June 9, the controversial former trainee was indicted without detention at the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office. She is being accused of violating her probation and the Narcotics Control Act. This will be the second time that Han Seo Hee is facing illegal drug use charges.

Han Seo Hee

In July of last year, Han Seo Hee was formerly detained after her urine test tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine. The positive test results came back during the former trainee’s probationary period for a previous illegal drug use charge from 2016. Her probation included monthly random drug testing, as well as a potential 3-year prison sentence if she violates her probation and commits the same crime.

At the time, the prosecution requested a hair test to confirm the positive urine results but was forced to conclude the interrogation when the hair test came back negative. They canceled Han Seo Hee’s probationary period after recognizing the error in her previous positive urine test.

Han Seo Hee at a formal trial.

In the most recent updates, however, it was reported that a formal trial was requested on behalf of the prosecution to investigate Han Seo Hee and her drug use further. According to the prosecution, there were discrepancies found in her test results after she provided her negative hair test. Due to this, the former idol trainee was indicted on methamphetamine charges, as well as a probation violation.

Han Seo Hee at a former trial.

Han Seo Hee will be attending her first trial regarding her drug use on the same day of her indictment. The trial will determine whether or not she will receive a prison sentence. If the court finds her guilty of using drugs during her probationary period, she will be arrested and sentenced to a minimum of three years in prison.

Source: WikiTree