Han Seo Hee Clarifies Her Involvement In B.I’s Drug Scandal

“I tried to stop Kim Hanbin (B.I) until the end… to not do it.”

On June 14, Han Seo Hee took to Instagram to deliver her thoughts and clarify her involvement in B.I‘s drug scandal.

In her post, Han Seo Hee pleaded with netizens to refrain putting the focus on her in this incident.

I am abroad. I’m doing well. I’m returning to Korea two days later. Don’t worry. Actually, I didn’t know my name would get out this quickly. I’m not going to deny that I’m surprised and scared. Even so, I’m determined so you don’t have to worry. Also, I have something to say. It’s true that I’ve lived the way I want, behaved according to how I feel and said things that would upset people. I acknowledge this and am reflecting on it. But I earnestly ask that you look at this incident in isolation from my character. I know very well that everyone does not think well of me. I also know it’s the image that I made for myself. But you must look at this incident in isolation (of my character). You can’t put the focus on me. Please, I ask you.

ㅡ Han Seo Hee


She further explained her involvement in the drug scandal in a now-deleted comment in the post.

Adding to that, I’m not pleading wth everyone to reduce my punishment. I’m already serving my punishment for the LSD and marijuana case in August 2016 and marijuana case with T.O.P in October 2016. The cases were merged.

I did not sell, I only delivered. I purchased (the drugs) from Dealer C with my own money at the price and delivered it to Kim Hanbin (B.I) at the same price. People have been calling me a seller but in actuality, I’m not. I did not receive any economic gain. Everything will be revealed through a proper interview.

If a re-investigation is to take place about the delivery, I will comply with the investigation faithfully. The part I am worried about is how Yang Hyun Suk directly intervened in the case and threatened (me) and police collusion. These are the key points but because of the fact that the informant was me, I’m afraid the focus will be pointed towards me. This is why I am asking you to see this case in isolation for me.

In addition, I don’t know if it matters that I say this now but I tried to stop Kim Hanbin until the end… to not do it.

ㅡ Han Seo Hee


Meanwhile, Kim Hanbin (B.I) is suspected of attempting to purchase LSD and marijuana in 2016. After news broke out, he released an apology and announced that he would be withdrawing as a member of iKON and his contract with YG Entertainment was subsequently terminated.

Source: Newsen

B.I's Drug Scandal