Han Seo Hee’s Lawyer Claims There Are Many Other YG Artists Involved In Recent Drug Scandal

“The amount could be shocking.”

Han Seo Hee‘s lawyer, Bang Jung Hyun, sat down for an in-depth interview about the recent drug scandal involving YG, iKON‘s B.I, and Han Seo Hee.

Bang Jung Hyun first noted that he suspects corruption within the police department as numerous unexplainable events transpired. He revealed that B.I wasn’t immediately investigated after Han Seo Hee’s initial confession despite the amount of possible evidence, B.I was erased from the police files from Han Seo Hee’s first questioning back in 2016, and even when the police were asked to re-open the case, it was passed over quietly without any investigation.


Bang Jung Hyun suspects YG Entertainment had a hand in this to prevent a domino effect of other YG artists being called into questioning. Han Seo Hee reportedly confessed to him that many other YG artists were involved with drugs than currently reported.

According to [Han Seo Hee], there are actually a lot more celebrity names that were involved.

I can’t say much about this because its truth relies solely on her testimony, but she says there are many more others involved. The amount could really be shocking.

If you look at it, entertainment companies should be instilling dreams and hopes into the younger generation. But instead, they have numerous celebrities who are using drugs. They should be the ones preventing this in the first place.

I believe instead of trying to prevent [the use of drugs], they are using [drug tests] to be able to manage what happens with their celebrities easier.

— Bang Jung Hyun


He claims that Han Seo Hee personally confessed to him that these other artists were not the ones that have already been prosecuted or mentioned in the reports.

Bang Jung Hyun unveiled discreet details about one of the celebrities that were involved in the recent controversy. He claimed that the celebrity is a member of a boy group who tried to act as a medium between Han Seo Hee and YG Entertainment.

I don’t know if I should be revealing this right now but one of them is in a boy group. A boy group member tried to conceal this scandal by acting as a mediator between YG Entertainment and [Han Seo Hee]. There is evidence of this [through chat logs].

The member personally got involved with the case to try and end it quietly. It’s uncertain if he did it to try to get on the CEO’s good side or if he was ordered to do it. Maybe he did it because he was close personally.

— Bang Jung Hyun


Netizens claim the member could possibly be WINNER‘s Lee Seunghoon who was recently named by Dispatch as to have been in contact with Han Seo Hee about B.I.


Check out the full interview below:

Source: No Cut News

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