Netizens Attack Han Seo Hee For Mocking Actor Ryu Jun Yeol

“The druggie attention seeker should just stay put.”

Han Seo Hee, the trainee involved in the marijuana scandal with BIGBANG’s T.O.Phas once again become the center of criticism, this time, for mocking actor Ryu Jun Yeol.


On March 7, Han Seo Hee shared a photo on her Instagram story that was captioned, “Suddenly imitating Ryu Jun Yeol before sleeping.” The photo showed Han Seo Hee raising her lips to show the gums above her teeth.


After seeing the post, netizens have been criticizing her, claiming that it was a clear mockery of the actor’s looks and continued to bring up her past to prove their point.

  • “She’s basically mocking his looks.”
  • “What’s with her vulgar character?”
  • “It’s not like I can imitate her doing drugs…”
  • “The druggie attention seeker should just stay put. Do you want to gain attention again?”
  • “Did she do drugs again? What’s wrong with her.”
  • “And the desperate attention seeker does it again. She’s such a pathetic loser.”
  • “Seriously, what is wrong with her?”
Source: Instagram and Naver