Han Seo Hee Alarms Fans with a Photo of Goo Hara Following Claims of Jung Da Eun’s Abuse

Fans are concerned that this could be a cry for help.

Former idol trainee, Han Seo Hee recently uploaded a photo of herself with late Goo Hara along with the caption, “I miss you so much, haha.

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애기..넘 보고싶다ㅎㅎ

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As a friend who has been mourning the loss of Goo Hara, she expressed how much she misses her through multiple posts, but the most recent one comes after Han Seo Hee’s claim that she suffered abuse by her girlfriend, Jung Da Eun.

The screenshots that she shared to support her claims included the reveal that “Jung Da Eun was trying to kill her” as well as Han Seo Hee’s confession that “she was slowly losing her mind“.


In light of Goo Hara’s recent passing as well as Han Seo Hee’s multiple scandals involving Wonho, Shownu, and B.I, fans are concerned that this could be a cry for help.

Some of the comments fans are leaving include “Seo Hee, are you all right? I’m really worried about you” and “I love you, Unnie. You can do this. You can get through this“.

Source: Insight