Han Seo Hee Reveals DM Sent To Jung Da Eun, Claiming MONSTA X’s Shownu Had An Affair With A Married Woman

The sender claims Shownu had an affair.

Han Seo Hee revealed through her Instagram story a series of Direct Messages that Jung Da Eun received, showing that the sender claims his wife and MONSTA X‘s Shownu were having an affair.

She first revealed the contents of the direct message, which was sent to Jung Da Eun from a now-deleted account, jang117824.


My wife also had an affair with Shownu. I for the same answer from their lawyer. I even went to Starship Entertainment.

— jang117824

A Direct Message Jung Da Eun received…. wow.

— Han Seo Hee


The sender also attached a screenshot of the message they received from Starship Entertainment’s legal counsel.

Dear XXX (name),

After checking with Shownu, we have learned that Shownu had no idea that XX (wife) was married, or even had a boyfriend. If he knew that XX had a boyfriend, why would he ever meet her? He has stated that he has no plans to meet with XX in the future.

Shownu has not been in contact with XX since receiving a phone call on September 10. He has no plans to get in contact with XX in the future, for any reason. Shownu does not want to be involved in the lawsuit between you and your wife. Please understand the above.

— Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment has not made an official response yet to the claims sent in by the anonymous person to Jung Da Eun.

Source: Kookje