Han Seo Hee triggers netizens once again, by sharing controversial photo of herself

Han Seo Hee can’t seem to stay out of controversy.

Han Seo Hee, the infamous trainee in the T.O.P. marijuana scandal, is currently facing more backlash due to a photo uploaded to her personal Instagram account.


The photo in question shows the controversial public figure in a white skirt and black dress, smoking a cigarette next to a sports car.

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“I wanted to take a hip photo, but instead I look immature 8ㅅ8” — Han Seo Hee


In Korea, it is taboo for a woman to smoke in public. Although this social prejudice may be a bit dated, women will still face scrutiny if seen smoking in public.


Many netizens felt that the trainee was just seeking attention by posting the photo.

“At least you know you’re immature.”

“It makes my blood boil just imagining you coming up to me to ask me to take a photo of you smoking.”

“Why are you smoking in public.”

“Don’t go around telling people you are a woman. You’re embarrassing.”

“It’s so clear you are just looking for attention…it’s obvious.”


Attention-seeking or not, there’s no doubt she’s always in the public eye.