Han Seo Hee Revealed Exactly What Yang Hyun Suk Told Her Behind Closed Doors

She claims that he ordered her to lie.

Han Seo Hee has revealed details about what Yang Hyun Suk told her in relation to B.I’s drug scandal behind closed doors.

KBS 9’O Clock News broadcasted an interview with Han Seo Hee in which she revealed everything Yang Hyun Suk said to her back in 2016. The day after she reported to the police for her drug charges, she was called to the 7th floor of the YG building and met with Yang Hyun Suk.

Immediately after seeing me, (Yang Hyun Suk) said let’s not record this and asked for my phone. I told him everything about B.I doing drugs with me and about the delivery.

ㅡ Han Seo Hee


According to Han Seo Hee, Yang Hyun Suk threatened to ruin her career and said things that indicated that he may have connections to the police.

He said, ‘It seems like you’ll continue to be in the entertainment field. It’s really easy to ruin you’ and ‘I can check if you changed your statement or not and I’m a person that can look at your statement.’ I can’t help but infer that he has connections to the police or prosecution.

ㅡ Han Seo Hee


She also confessed that YG even appointed her lawyer and that Yang Hyun Suk ordered to her tell the police that her mother had appointed the lawyer for her.

Yang Hyun Suk ordered me to tell the police that my mother appointed (the lawyer).

ㅡ Han Seo Hee


After the incident, the case was forwarded to prosecution and Han Seo Hee went abroad three months later but there was not a single investigation during that period.

KBS reported that the Yongin Dongbu Police Station forwarded the case to prosecution on August 31, 2016. The police officer in charge of the investigation was suddenly ordered by the prosecutor in charge of the case to forward it.  Therefore, the police submitted the reversed statement about B.I’s drug suspicions and the investigation report containing the suspicions along with Hang Seo Hee’s chat log to prosecution. The police stated that they thought prosecution would investigate B.I.

The Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office, however, did not conduct any further investigations on Han Seo Hee or B.I after receiving the case. The prosecutor in charge of the case at the time stated that they never ordered the police to forward the case and that they did not investigate B.I because there was not much information about it in the police investigation. The prosecutor added that he/she could not remember whether there was any information about B.I or not.

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