Han Seohee opens her own “feminist” clothing store

Social media personality Han Seohee will be opening her very own clothing store dedicated to feminism.

She revealed on Instagram she will be opening an online clothing store called “hxxsxxhee”.

“Now I only need to report a telecom vendor.

The homepage will be opening too.”

— Han Seohee


She also uploaded the first looks to her signature clothing tag.


And revealed that her first line of clothes will be unisex sweaters.

“The labels arrived!!!!!!!

Now all I need are the sweaters😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭”

— Han Seohee


But she plans on dedicating it to the issues of feminism by engraving her own handwritten word of feminism into the clothes.

“These are my personal handwritten words that will be embroidered on my first production of clothes😇 

I’m debating which of two looks better.”

— Han Seohee


Han Seohee was able to raise funds for her feminist clothing line through public funding when she revealed her account number and asked her fans for donations.


She had raised about 100 million won (~$92,000 USD) but had to return most of it because of her probation sentence.

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Han Seohee was sentenced to probation because of her involvement in T.O.P’s drug scandal.

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But nevertheless, her clothing store will be opening on December 26th of this year.


Source: eDaily