Han Seungyeon Confesses She Was Told She Was The Prettiest When She Was “Severely Underweight”

It was during her former days as a KARA member.

Han Seungyeon shared the hardships of her former girl group days in a recent interview.

Han Seungyeon | YG Entertainment

The former KARA member, now turned actress is awaiting the theater premiere of her upcoming film, Show Me the Ghost and as a part of her promotions, she participated in an interview. During her time, she discussed her past as a former girl group member and the difficulties she had with her body image.

While she shared she’s much healthier now, Han Seungyeon admitted that due to the group’s stage outfits, the girls were “not allowed to eat.”

It’s nice because now, I can eat freely compared to when I was promoting as a singer. Because of our stage outfits, we were not allowed to eat so we were always really sensitive.

— Han Seungyeon

Han Seungyeon during her KARA promotions.

She continued by revealing that because of the tight and revealing outfits she would be required to wear, she would only eat “half of a snickers” to endure a day’s worth of activities. Due to the lack of food, Han Seungyeon was considered to be underweight, but the actress confessed that this was when she was told she was “the prettiest.”

Everyone would tell me I was the prettiest when I was severely underweight. It was a harsh reality check.

— Han Seungyeon

Han Seungyeon during her KARA promotions.

The former idol member shared even more details about her former health problems, as she discussed the side effects she endured from her extreme dieting ways.

While my body may have looked ‘good,’ I started developing allergies all over my body and my skin was bad. I also developed fracture problems from the heels we were always required to wear.

— Han Seungyeon

Han Seungyeon during her KARA promotions.

The harsh realities of the K-Pop industry will never fail to shock us, even as more and more idols confess to extreme details. We are glad to hear, however, that Han Seungyeon is feeling healthier than before.

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In related news, Han Seungyeon’s comedy-horror film, Show Me the Ghost premiered at the 25th Busan International Fantastic Film Festival back on July 10, but will be released in theaters on September 9, 2021 so be on the lookout for that.

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