Han So Hee Accused Of Lying About University Acceptance, Agency Responds

Netizens were suspicious.

Han So Hee previously stated on a variety show interview that she had been accepted to a prestigious art school in France. Although she had been accepted, she did not have enough funds to attend, and decided to start working in the entertainment industry as a model to gain money. She promised herself that she would only work to earn enough before quitting the industry and going to France. Unexpectedly, she stayed on and became one of Korea’s top actresses.


Netizens had begun to cast suspicion on her claims, wondering how she was able to easily receive acceptance to the school. To apply to France universities, one needs to apply for a student visa before that. Han So Hee claimed to have not enough money on her to even sustain herself in South Korea, and that she needed ₩20.0 million KRW (about $14,500 USD) to ₩30.0 million KRW (about $21,800 USD) in her bank statement to be eligible for it. Netizens wondered how she got accepted before even succeeding in obtaining a visa.

As doubts continue to grow, her company has stepped up to clarify the matter. On April 29, 2024, they issued a statement to Star Today, claiming that “it was true that she was accepted into the school as she claimed on the show.”

‘It is true that Han So Hee was accepted into the France school, just as she personally claimed on the variety show. We cannot tell you the details as it is a private matter, but everything she mentioned was true. She received acceptance from the school.”

— 9ATO Entertainment

With that, hopefully the doubts will be put to rest. You can read more about her original claim below.

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Source: Theqoo and News1
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