A Fan Asked Han So Hee What It Feels Like To Look Like Her, Here’s How She Answered

She is the only one that knows!

Actress Han So Hee sat down with W Magazine Korea to answer some of her fans’ most pressing questions.

Han So Hee | W Korea/Youtube

When she opened up a bag full of questions, the actress was shocked to find so many.

Han So Hee | W Korea/Youtube

Wow, there are so many!

—Han So Hee

Of all the questions, one from a 17-year old HighSchool student particularly got her attention.

Han So Hee | W Korea/Youtube

I’m a 17-year-old Highschool student. My biggest stress is my looks. When I watch you, you always look so good but when I look at myself, I lose self-esteem. How does it feel to look like you? Please teach me how to raise my self-esteem.

—Yaeng (Nickname)

The actress let out a sigh and hesitated a bit before saying, “I might get a lot of hate for saying this but I have insecurities about my looks too.”

Han So Hee | W Korea/Youtube

The actress explained that she only seems perfect because her job is to hide her insecurities and cover her flaws.

Han So Hee | W Korea/Youtube

She further explains, “I know this sounds cliche but don’t base your self-esteem on your looks. As I grow older I realize the more I focus on my outer-self, my inner-self suffers. In your free time, rather than focusing on your appearance, I recommend that you learn a new hobby or work out for your health. That way you can work on your inner-self.”

The star actress then checked the fan’s age before realizing she was only 17 years old.

Han So Hee | W Korea/Youtube


You’re only 17! You are way too young to feel this way, besides you don’t know how you will blossom!

—Han So Hee

The actress stated the fan should focus on school and making happy memories with her friends explaining she shouldn’t be stressing about her appearance.

The star explained there will come a day when her looks won’t feel so important to her and that “our appearances are just a shell”, before finishing her answer with a heartwarming reminder.

You are absolutely beautiful, just the way you are

-Han So Hee

Surely we all can use the reminder. Check the rest of the video down below and see what other fun answers she has for her fans.


Source: YouTube