Netizens Are Shocked By The Visuals Chemistry Of Han So Hee And ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo In The Trailer For Webtoon “The Villainess Is A Marionette”

Can they please do a real K-Drama together ASAP?!

Everyone has a dream duo of actors they would love to see star in a K-Drama together, whether it’s because of their talent, visuals, or a combination of both. Two stars that have always gained love from fans for their development in the world of K-Dramas are Han So Hee and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo (also known as Cha Eun Woo).

Well, it seems like any dreams of seeing their visual chemistry together have become a reality in a recent webtoon trailer.

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo | @eunwo.o_c/Instagram

Actress Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

The world of webtoons is continuing to gain popularity globally. One in particular that has continued to receive praise is The Villainess Is A Marionette.

The story follows Princess Kayena, who is controlled by her brother Regef and almost seems like a puppet. Yet, after breaking free from her brother, she engages in a power struggle against him and partners up with Duke Kidrey.

The cover for the webtoon “The Villainess Is A Marionette”

It was announced by Kakao that Han So Hee, Cha Eunwoo, and Lee Soo Hyuk would be appearing in a dramatized trailer for the webtoon to portray the personas of the characters. Even in the promo shots, the visuals were unreal.

Han So Hee as Princess Kayena | @kakaopage/Twitter

Cha Eunwoo as Duke Kidrey | @kakaopage/Twitter

Lee Soo Hyuk as Regef| @kakaopage/Twitter

Yet, although netizens had mixed reactions to the initial posters, they have been going crazy for the trailers. The three stars then raised anticipation even more after an initial trailer was released.

Han So Hee and Cha Eunwoo (along with fellow actor Lee Soo Hyuk) shined with their visuals in individual teasers. Despite no words, the three managed to showcase the charms of their characters but also their own personalities.



After days of waiting, October 7 marked the release of the first official trailer. From the very beginning, netizens couldn’t contain their excitement after seeing Han So Hee and Cha Eunwoo in a single frame boasting their undeniable visuals.

Raising the anticipation of the storyline, Cha Eunwoo then showcases his darker acting before making everyone swoon when catching Han So Hee before she falls. The close-up of the two stars is truly a visual masterpiece and something netizens would love to see in a real K-Drama.

Of course, every webtoon has a villain, and, despite his dazzling good looks, Lee Soo Hyuk perfectly adapted to the “controlling” brother.

As expected, the characters seem to be deeper than first perceived with Han So Hee showcasing that the Princess might not be as innocent as first expected. Yet, Cha Eunwoo’s character seemingly succumbs to her desires, sealing their agreement with a kiss on the hand.

When the video was posted, the comments were filled with netizens praising the three stars. In particular, they couldn’t get over the chemistry between Cha Eunwoo and Han So Hee, with many begging for the duo to star in a K-Drama together.

Although the images seem very realistic, it was made clear that Han So Hee, Cha Eunwoo, and Lee Soo Hyuk will not be playing the roles in a web series. Instead, the stars collaborated with Kakao and are the “second personas” of the characters. Hopefully, netizens get them in another K-Drama together because they are truly the “Holy Trinity” of visuals.

You can read more about the teasers below.

Netizens Are Shocked By The “Visual Trio” As Lee Soo Hyuk Showcases His Chemistry With Han So Hee And ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo In “Villainess Is A Marionette” Trailer

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