Han So Hee And Kim Seon Ho Are Going Viral For Their Swoonworthy Interactions At The 2022 Asia Artist Awards

The “100 Days My Prince” reunion even saw them holding hands! 🥺

Two of the hottest stars in the K-Entertainment industry have to be Han So Hee and Kim Seon Ho. Over the years, the two stars have wowed audiences with their amazing acting, visuals, and charming personalities.

Recently, the duo has gone viral after sending the internet into meltdown at the recent Asia Artist Awards (also known as the AAAs).

Actress Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram
Actor Kim Seon Ho | @seonho_kim/Instagram

In the past, the duo gained a lot of love for their roles in the K-Drama 100 Days My Prince. Although the duo didn’t have any scenes together, it was a huge moment for both stars.

So, it meant that when they were both announced to attend the Asia Artist Awards and the duo appeared on the red carpet, many hoped that there would be some interactions during the event.


Luckily, fans didn’t have to wait long for the reunion as the content came in bucketloads at the end of the event during the group photo.

In a clip posted in the lead-up to the picture, netizens instantly noticed that after Kim Seon Ho seemed reluctant to go to the front row, Han So Hee took his hand and started guiding him through the chairs. From a closer view, netizens could see Han So Hee holding him tightly as they walked to the front row.

| @re1206na/Twitter
| @bluexxiv_/Twitter

Kim Seon Ho was then a true gentleman as he seemed to remove something from Han So Hee’s chair before gesturing for her to sit down.

| @re1206na/Twitter           

Even after her viral moment with IVE’s Jang Wonyoung, Han So Hee made sure to chat with Kim Seon Ho. At one point, the actor must’ve said something hilarious as Han So Hee started laughing.

| @re1206na/Twitter
| @re1206na/Twitter

While having the photos taken, Han So Hee showed her true personality by making Kim Seon Ho laugh. Whether it was her own poses or trying to get him to do the classic peace sign, it was clear how comfortable the two felt around each other.

| @bluexxiv_/Twitter
| @bluexxiv_/Twitter

Even as they left their seats, the two seemed inseparable and the closest of friends.

| @bluexxiv_/Twitter

When the videos were shared online, netizens couldn’t get over the 100 Days My Prince reunion in 2022. Many also loved that despite how nervous the actor was, Han So Hee ensured that he was never made to be alone or feel uncomfortable.

Although many netizens have shared worries about idols being afraid to interact at events, Kim Seon Ho and Han So Hee proved that wrong. Their interactions were unsurprisingly one of the hottest parts of the show and had K-Drama fans feeling nostalgic AF.

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