Han So Hee “Look-Alike” Dance Instructor Goes Viral For Being The Ultimate “Catfish”

“If it were me, I would have sued you.”

A pole dance instructor is gaining attention for her extremely-well edited pictures.

Photoshopped picture of Instructor | Channel S

On December 6, the 24-year-old instructor appeared on a variety program on Channel S, where guests speak about their problems.

Before the instructor was introduced, her photo was shown to the show’s hosts. Hosts Park Mi Sun, Jang Young Ran, and Kim Ho Young raved about the picture, with Jang Young Ran even going as far as stating the instructor resembled actress Han So Hee.

She looks like Han So Hee.

— Jang Young Ran

When the instructor appeared in person, however, the hosts were shocked. The instructor looked nothing like her photos! The instructor then revealed that most people couldn’t recognize her from the photos.

Instructor in person |

The instructor then revealed that it didn’t take more than five minutes to edit her photos.

When asked why she uploaded photoshopped photos of herself, the instructor replied that the photos served as her online avatar.

I upload photoshopped photos for my own satisfaction. Similar to a visual idol. It’s like my second character.

— Instructor

The instructor revealed she was an influencer who had 30K followers and that once a sponsor told her, “You look chic in your photos, but you look innocent in real life.” To this, Kim Ho Young showed little pity and chastised her for uploading the photos as herself.

That’s a nice way of saying it. If it were me, I would have sued you. I’m sure there are benefits to uploading those photos to your social media. People don’t know what you really look like. If you reveal that these photos are photoshopped, then there isn’t a problem. But it’s a little inconsistent to say that you’ve been hurt after deceiving others.

— Kim Young Ho

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Source: Wikitree
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