Han So Hee’s Mother Stole Her Identity In An Attempt To Get Money

Her mother did this when she was a minor.

Actress Han So Hee‘s mother used her daughter’s identity when she was a minor to try to obtain money from another individual.

Earlier in the month, it was revealed in a JTBC news report that a celebrity’s mother was accused of defrauding an individual of ₩85.0 million KRW (about $69,800 USD). The victim claimed that the the money ended up being sent to a bank account under the name of the celebrity. It was later revealed that the celebrity was Han So Hee and her mother.

Han So Hee’s agency 9ATO Entertainment released a statement to clarify that the actress had no involvement in this case, and it was her mother doing this multiple times in an attempt to take advantage of her daughter’s name and identity.

Hello, this is 9ATO Entertainment.

We would like to release our position regarding the reports relating to Han So Hee’s mother.

Mrs. Shin, Han So Hee’s mother, used a bank account that was under Han So Hee’s name while borrowing money. Mrs. Shin opened up a bank account under Han So Hee’s name while Han So Hee was a minor, and used it to borrow money without Han So Hee’s knowledge.

There have been several other incidents as well. There was even a case where Mrs. Shin forged private documents. A civil trial was held in relation to these cases, and the court determined that these actions were carried out without Han So Hee’s knowledge.

The Ulsan District Court’s ruling on April 8, 2021 stated ‘She borrowed money using an account in the name of Han So Hee, but it cannot be acknowledged that Han So Hee should be held responsible for the debt, as there is no evidence tying her to the account.’

We are sorry for the concern caused by her personal affairs, not her works, but once again, we are providing this explanation in hopes that there will be no other victims in the future.

Han So Hee also stated that she has no plans to take responsibility for her mother’s debts, as her mother tried to use her name to borrow money. She intends on trying to stop the series of acts where an invidual tries to get money by abusing the celebrity status of their children.

It’s true that the relationship between a mother and daughter won’t end. We are sorry to those who unintentionally will be hurt by this. Nevertheless, we hope that something like this will never be repeated through this strong response. Please understand.

— 9ATO Entertainment

Source: Xportnews