Actress Han So Hee Once Again Shocks Netizens After Giving Rare Glimpses Of An Unseen Tattoo During Recent Public Appearances

The idol has always wowed with her “badass” past!

Actress Han So Hee has always been one of the most spoken-about actresses. Although her acting was criticized in Nevertheless, Han So Hee has slowly gained the respect and love of netizens for showcasing diversity, skills, and personality in all of her roles. In particular, her appearance as the badass lead character in My Name opened people’s eyes to the actress.

Actress Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

Yet, it hasn’t stopped netizens from noticing just how beautiful Han So Hee is. She seems to exude elegant vibes and seems regal at appearances and in photos.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram
| @xeesoxee/Instagram

Despite her visuals and “Princess like” aura, Han So Hee went viral after fans found very different pictures. In these images found on her blog and social media, Han So Hee had a much darker style which was very different from her latest “pure” image.

| @baeksquit0/Twitter
| @baeksquit0/Twitter

She has also continued to shock netizens whenever she has given them a glimpse of some new tattoos, whether it’s at the airport or during a photoshoot.

Han So Hee showcasing her tattoos during a photoshoot | @xeesoxee/Instagram
Han So Hee showing her hip tattoo at the airport

Well, it seems like Han So Hee might have a new addition to her artwork, and, as usual, she hasn’t been afraid to showcase the new ink to fans… even if it was just a sneak peek.

At the start of September, Han So Hee joined many other stars at the Lucky Chouette event in Korea. As expected, the actress looked absolutely flawless in her looks and graced netizens with her visuals.

Han So Hee at the “Lucky Chouette” event

During the event, eagle-eyed netizens noticed something was visible just under her armpit, and it seemed to be a brand new tattoo. Although it wasn’t very clear, it seemed to have an intricate design that seemed floral.

The first glimpse at Han So Hee’s tattoo | @4hyojoo/Twitter

More recently, Han So Hee personally visited Lotte Department Store to celebrate the opening of British makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury’s main branch.

While many netizens shared that they weren’t a fan of the minimalistic white dress the actress was wearing, it seemed to grow on them after noticing that it gave fans another glimpse of the tattoo. In full shots of the actress, the top of the tattoo can be seen, and the details look just as intricate.

| @4hyojoo/Twitter

In close-up images from the event, Han So Hee seems to be making no effort to hide the beautiful tattoo and looks absolutely flawless with her visuals.

| @4hyojoo/Twitter

When the photos were shared online, netizens couldn’t get enough of Han So Hee’s new tattoo, even if they couldn’t see it a lot. They also loved how every time anyone saw a glimpse of the ink, she was in the same pose in front of cameras.

Han So Hee has always gained praise after she voiced that she wasn’t ashamed of her look and pictures. She instead raised the issue of how men and women in the Korean entertainment industry are held to different standards. Hopefully, she will continue to show her tattoos proudly and break down “gender” barriers when it comes to beauty.

You can read more about her tattoos below.

Actress Han So Hee Gives Netizens A Rare Glimpse Of Her Hip Tattoo When Arriving At Incheon Airport

Source: @4hoyojoo