Netizens Are Shocked By The Duality Of “My Name” Actress Han So Hee After Discovering New Pre-Debut Pictures

She is definitely girl crush material!

Despite having acted in several K-Dramas in the past few years, actress Han So Hee has recently gained a lot of popularity and praise for her leading role in the Netflix K-Drama My Name.

Compared to her usual roles in romance series’, fans have loved seeing her in a new role, showcasing her talent and dedication to the industry.

Han So Hee in “My Name” | Netflix

Yet, before she made her acting debut, Han So Hee was actually a model and, aside from knowing that she worked as a model for an online shopping store, not much else was known. Yet, fans couldn’t deny that her visuals were definitely the right fit.

Recently, fans found pictures online of Han So Hee before she debuted, and they are actual images of her modeling for a hair salon.

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In the images, they showed Han So Hee with two very different haircuts. Despite the lack of professional makeup and simple setup, fans couldn’t stop praising her visuals, pointing out that she looked like a mannequin and comparing her to a doll.


Yet, it isn’t the first time fans have found pre-debut pictures of Han So Hee that have shocked them. In July, she went viral after fans found very different pictures. In these images found on her blog and social media, Han So Hee had a much darker style which was very different from her pure image.

In the photos, she is seen wearing darker clothes and makeup with tattoos on show, and even some of her smoking cigarettes.

| @mamachaeng/ Instagram
| @mamachaeng/ Instagram

Although it is unknown whether she hides the tattoos with makeup or had them removed, they are definitely worlds away from the actress fans know now and even the person seen in her modeling pictures.

Han So Hee also voiced that she wasn’t ashamed of her look and pictures and instead raised the issue of how men and women in the Korean entertainment industry are held to different standards.

Whether with tattoos or modeling for hair salons, there is no denying that Han So Hee was as gorgeous then as she is now.

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With My Name and her previous K-Drama Nevertheless gaining attention worldwide, it is only the start of a very successful career for Han So Hee. You can read more about Han So Hee, acting in the show, and her career below.

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