Here Are The Extreme Methods Actress Han So Hee Used To Get Herself Into Character While Shooting “My Name”

“If I was Jiwoo…”

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This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

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Since it started airing, the new Netflix series “My Name” has gained praise from fans worldwide for its unique concept, dark storyline, and impeccable acting. In particular, actress Han So Hee has gained attention for dedication and emotion as the main role.

After starring in shows like NeverthelessThe World Of Married, and many more, this role is worlds away and took a lot more preparation to get into the character of Yoon Ji Woo.

In previous interviews, Han So Hee revealed that she was so dedicated that, alongside gaining 22 pounds, and attending action school, that she carried a real knife around with her.

Yet, it seems as if that dedication and method of acting went beyond just her preparation. Netflix Korea recently released a video where the director, writer, and some of the cast watched scenes from the series and discussed behind-the-scenes stories from the shooting.

In the first episode, Han So Hee’s character is faced with heartbreak after his dad is murdered. One of the stand-out moments in the scene is when she kept repeating the word, “Wait,” as she heard her dad slowly dying on the other side of the door.

Yet, Han So Hee revealed that it wasn’t actually part of the script and that it was just something that just seemed to fit perfectly in the context of the scene, as her character was unable to know what was happening with her dad.

It was my way to keep sane. To repress the the storm inside me. I think that’s why I kept saying that.

Yet, alongside actor Yoon Kyung Ho, who played her dad Donghoon, the smaller decisions Han So Hee made ensured that she was able to fully showcase the emotions her character would be going through.

During the same scene, Han So Hee and Yoon Kyung Ho were speaking through the door. Yet, rather than making things easier by using a walkie-talkie for hearing what was being said, she chose to make things as realistic as possible.

Donghoon couldn’t see me, but he kept the conversation going. I could’ve used the walkie-talkie, but Kyung Ho was there in person for me so I could bring out more realistic emotions.

Even in the fighting scenes, with the help of her training, Han So Hee was able to showcase the true feelings of the character as she was actually doing all the stunts and putting her all into the scene. In particular, she explained that the breathing motions and sweat were all real because she was genuinely “exhausted.”

It was so genuine that the director even added that he used the sound from her breathing in many of the other scenes.

With each scene, it seemed as if Han So Hee ensured that each aspect of the character was performed with sincerity and her dedication allowed the character to seem more genuine. Despite criticisms in the past for her acting in K-Dramas like Nevertheless, Han So Hee is proving how amazing an actress she is.

You can read more about the show and Han So Hee below.

Actress Han So Hee Found The Perfect Way To Get Into Character While Shooting “My Name,” And It Even Shocked Her Cast Members

Source: Netflix Korea