Meet Han So Hee, The Badass Female Lead In “My Name” And Your Latest Girl Crush

She is showcasing her diversity as an actress!

After the success of the Netflix series Squid Game, a new show seems to have caught the attention of fans, and it is My Name. The show stars Han So Hee in a role completely different from anything she’s done in the past!

Although she has acted in some huge shows like Nevertheless, a new spotlight has been shone on Han So Hee. Alongside her co-star, Ahn Bo Hyun, the duo portrays a story about a girl determined to find her father’s killer.

Han So Hee in “My Name” | Netflix

Although this might be the first time she is gaining love on a more global stage, it is not her first time acting and definitely not the first time she has gained attention for her roles in K-Dramas!

| @xeesoxee/ Instagram

Han So Hee was born on November 18, 1994, in Ulsan. Although she is known as an actress, she actually started her career as a model. Yet, she has also gained attention for her looks before she debuted, which are seen as more gritty and unlike the pure image she has now!

Yet, her first real break came in 2016 with her acting debut, which wasn’t in a K-Drama but a music video. Han So Hee was actually an extra in SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” music video. In the video, she played Minho’s girlfriend, and even then, her visuals were undeniable.

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After this, she played a small role in Reunited Worlds. However, her first big break came in 2017 when she was cast in the MBC K-Drama Money Flower. Despite being so young, Han So Hee played an older woman and the secret lover of one of the employees at the office headquarters. In 2018, she also starred alongside EXO’s D.O in 100 Days My Prince.

Yet, for most people, the first K-Drama they saw Han So Hee in was the 2020 K-Drama The World of the Married. In the show, Han So Hee played the main role of the young mistress and was praised for her diverse acting skills in a show that gained widespread recognition.

Han So Hee in “The World Of The Married” 

After a series of small roles, Han So Hee burst back into the limelight in early 2021 in her role as Nabi in the Netflix K-Drama Nevertheless. Although the show had its critiques due to its more provocative nature, it really made headlines across Korea, and the name Han So Hee started to be more recognized, even if it was for the show’s controversial and sometimes X-rated scenes.

With the rising success of Han So Hee’s latest role in My Name, it seems as if she is finding a way to replace the views of her acting in Nevertheless and cement herself as a strong and dedicated actress to be taken seriously.

From gaining 22 pounds to carrying a knife around to prepare for the role, she has showcased a new side to herself as she was mainly known for acting in romantic K-Dramas.

Although she appears to wear less makeup to fit with her My Name character, she still showcases her stunning visuals, which can be seen whenever she makes an appearance and even on her Instagram!

| @xeesoxee/ Instagram
| @xeesoxee/ Instagram

Only a few years into her acting career, she has already shown immense diversity, and with a new spotlight on her through this show, the world is her oyster! You can read more about the rest of the My Name cast below.

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