Actress Han So Hee Found The Perfect Way To Get Into Character While Shooting “My Name,” And It Even Shocked Her Cast Members

She took method acting literally!

After the success of the Netflix series Squid Game, one of the newest K-Dramas to catch the attention of fans worldwide is My Name. Starring the likes of Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun, the story looks at the idea of revenge and even forging a new identity in an attempt to get retribution for injustice.

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However, it seems as if, despite the serious nature of the show, the cast had times where they had some fun together. In particular, it seemed like one habit from actress Han So Hee was a source of that.

Netflix Korea recently released a video where the director, writer, and some of the cast watched scenes from the series and discussed behind-the-scenes stories from the shooting.

In particular, Han So Hee spoke about some of the extreme ways she used to prepare for her role and also how she managed to stay in character. From saying she carried a real knife around with her and finding ways to capture the real emotion, it seemed as if the success of the show was inevitable.

Yet, with all that energy and dedication, it was no surprise that Han So Hee explained that she was extremely tired during the filming of the show. In particular, she added that the director had let her sleep during the shooting if they had time because of the show’s schedule and intensity.

The director joked that Han So Hee took several power naps during the filming, and she explained that sleeping on her character’s bed allowed her to get into the character more.

It’s my way to loosen up. And to get comfortable in that space.

— Han So Hee

Fellow actor Park Hee Soon then joked that while she did this, many of the cast actually took pictures of her napping in different places.

Yet, although it was something the cast joked about, they were shocked to hear that Han So Hee’s napping actually made it into the actual drama. During the interview, she explained, “I actually fell asleep in the ‘Hey Jiwoo’ scene.

In the scene Han So Hee was talking about, her character was suddenly woken up from a deep sleep after all the struggles she had been through. Yet, although many praised her acting for being so genuine, it seems as if the realism in the scene actually came from the fact that Han So Hee was actually woken up for real!

With the director’s choice to leave that scene in and Han So Hee’s dedication to her role, it isn’t surprising that fans worldwide are loving this K-Drama. Despite past criticisms for her role in Nevertheless, Han So Hee is quickly cementing her status as a rising star.

You can read more about the show below.

Here Are The Extreme Methods Actress Han So Hee Used To Get Herself Into Character While Shooting “My Name”

Source: Netflix Korea