Han So Hee Addresses Fans Fighting To Defend Her

“I carefully thought about what it means to be a fan…”

Han So Hee expressed her gratitude to fans.

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On November 30, Han So Hee surprised her fans by joining them in a group chatroom.

On this day, Han So Hee spoke about several topics, even addressing plastic surgery rumors that had been circulating since she revealed that she had gotten corrective surgery done to fix her Allergy Rhinitis.

Han So Hee Personally Explains Recent Plastic Surgery Rumors

The actress proved that she truly cared for her fans by revealing the reason why she wasn’t holding a fan meeting. The actress made fans melt when she stated that she didn’t want her fans to spend money they normally wouldn’t have to.

I want to see you guys, too. But there are a lot of you who came to know me as an actor, right? I want to hold a fan meeting when I can proudly call myself a good actor. I don’t want to hold a fan meeting just because I am popular. I don’t want you guys to spend that money.

— Han So Hee

Han So Hee continued showering her fans with affection and acknowledged that she knew about her fans fighting on her behalf over the actor’s aesthetic choices, such as tattoos and piercings, that clash with Korean society norms.

I heard that you guys go through so much because I am immature and want to try different things, even fighting to defend me on my behalf. Because of you, I can live life experimenting with different lifestyles without any stress. I am so thankful for you, and you guys are such a strong source of support, but I am also so sorry.

— Han So Hee

The actress then promised her fans one thing.

I carefully thought about what it means to be a fan, and I know that I am not entitled to your love. But you guys are showing me that support because you trust me. I will promise you one thing. I will protect you. I won’t get upset at you, and I won’t take you for granted. I won’t think your love is annoying or react coldly to it. This is a promise between us.

— Han So Hee

Han So Hee then finished by telling her fans that she would work harder to make them proud and asked that they support her.

I’ll do my best so you aren’t embarrassed (of being my fan). Even if I look exhausted, don’t be too worried, and don’t be concerned if I seem to be struggling. I’m not someone who folds easily. I didn’t start (acting) to quit, so if anyone seems to be struggling, let’s all protect them together. Although we aren’t always happy, let’s look at the good in life longer than the bad.

— Han So Hee

Meanwhile, Han So Hee fans are surely rejoicing after it was announced that the actor’s Netflix series Gyeongseong Creature would be finally released on December 22. The K-Drama, featuring Park Seo Jun, is arguably the most-anticipated series of 2023.


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