Han So Hee Marvels At Song Kang’s Strength In Newest Behind-The-Scenes “Nevertheless” Clip

“I don’t think you need to go to the gym.”

Nevertheless has been making headlines not just for the K-Drama content, but also for the special behind-the-scenes clips that JTBC has been releasing on a weekly basis. While the series’ episodes are filled with interesting plotlines, the BTS clips show off the chemistry between Song Kang and Han So Hee off-screen, further intriguing fans. And unsurprisingly enough, another BTS video of the two Nevertheless leads has started to make its round online for their flirty banter.

Song Kang (dressed in white), Han So Hee (dressed in blue) | JTBC

First up, we have this adorable little nagging banter between the two leads, after Han So Hee forgets her lines, but “blames” it on Song Kang.

Han So Hee: “You have to say ‘you live upstairs…'”
Song Kang: “I did!”
Han So Hee: “You didn’t say you lived upstairs!”
Song Kang: “I did! I did!”

As the two prepare to act out a scene in Jae Eon’s (Song Kang’s character) workroom, Song Kang shows off his workshop abilities.

Caption: “It’s a success.”

In this next segment, Han So Hee tries to manipulate a piece of hot metal with her hands, to which Song Kang couldn’t help but chuckle at her adorable effort!

Han So Hee: “It’s not working…”

Following Han So Hee’s cute attempt, Song Kang showed off his strength as he successfully folds the metal with his hands. The actress couldn’t help but share her astonishment, as she hilariously comments “I don’t think you need to go to the gym.”

Han So Hee to Song Kang: “I don’t think you need to go to the gym.”

After showing off his strength, the actor proudly shows off his “pumped up” arms to his fellow co-lead.

Song Kang: “Whoa my arms got pumped up.”

It wasn’t just Han So Hee who was mesmerized by Song Kang’s biceps and strength, as netizens flocked to the comment section to comment on the actor’s physique.

| YouTube

The ongoing chemistry between the two Nevertheless actors will never get old! You can check out the behind-the-scenes video down below.

Source: WikiTree