[Spoilers] Han So Hee Only Found Out About The Sex Scene In “My Name” In The Midst Of Filming

She wasn’t told about it before she signed on.

Actress Han So Hee has been receiving love from fans through Netflix‘s My Name. The show features her as a high school drop out that joins the mafia to find her father’s killer.

In the last episode, there was a charged sex scene between Han So Hee’s character and Ahn Bo Hyun‘s character. The scene ended up revealing quite a lot of skin as she went topless for the first time in her career. In a post launch interview, Han So Hee shared her thoughts on the scene.

She had not been told of the scene prior to signing on. In fact, she only found out during filming.

I only knew that there would be a bed scene during filming. At first, of course, I was doubtful if it would be okay. I wondered if it would hinder Jiwoo’s goal of revenge. However, I interpreted it as the first time she accepted human emotions and the only time Jiwoo was a human. Rather than love and affection taking flight, it was more of a moment where she became human for the first time and it was a device that made her want to live like a human. I didn’t think of it as a scene where her values collapsed.

— Han So Hee

Many were shocked to find out that it was not pre-mediated before she signed on, but praised her dedication to the show despite being placed in such a situation. The director and writer duo, Kim Jin Min and Kim Ba Da naturally faced criticism.

Source: Hankyung
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