Actress Han So Hee Goes Viral For Her Unexpected Reaction To A Fan Crying During An Event In Thailand

It wasn’t just her beauty and visuals that gained attention from fans.

Since debuting as an actress, Han So Hee has seemingly made headlines in every way possible. Whether it’s for her tattoos, pre-debut style, acting, and of course, her visuals, Han So Hee is one of the hottest stars today.

Yet, the idol more recently went viral after her true personality shone when seeing a crying fan.

Actor Han So Hee | @xohee/Instagram

Recently, the actress gained attention after attending the OMEGA Her Time event in Thailand. As expected, the idol looked absolutely beautiful in a cream dress with a train.

| @ParagonDepart/Twitter
| @ParagonDepart/Twitter

As she spoke with the media and interacted with the guests, Han So Hee was unsurprisingly the talk of the event.

| @l_uvjunk/Twitter 

Of course, Han So Hee’s visuals truly shone, and she looked like a true angel throughout the event. The actress also proved that she has a heart of gold when in Thailand, and one clip particularly gained the attention of fans and has been watched over 450,000 times in less than 24 hours.

While at the event, Han So Hee was walking with her team and went to interact with a fan who was shouting “Unnie.”

Yet, what caught the attention of fans was the actress’s reaction when she seemingly saw one of the fans in the crowd crying. In an instant, Han So Hee’s reaction changed into one of concern, and she quickly made her way toward the fans.

Han So Hee then made sure to sign the fan’s items, as one of them said that they loved the actress. Even close up, Han So Hee’s visuals were truly superior.

Upon seeing the crying fan, Han So Hee gently said, “Don’t cry,” and reached out to comfort the fan before she had to leave.

When the clip was posted, the comments were full of hundreds of fans sharing their praise of Han So Hee. While many were in Thai, international fans also found the clip and couldn’t hide just how caring the actress was.

When it comes to Han So Hee, most people will focus on the actress’s unreal visuals and charisma. Yet, her personality is just as beautiful, and she made sure she interacted with the fan and comforted them, even during a huge event.

Source: @MG0129__

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