Han So Hee’s “The World Of The Married” Co-Star Shares What The Actress Is Really Like

The actress spoke candidly.

Actress Kim Hee Ae spoke about her former co-star, Han So Hee.

Kim Hee Ae |

On April 7, the actress appeared in a YouTube video with fellow veteran actress Moon So Ri.

Kim Hee Ae (left) and Moon So Ri (right) |

In the video, the actress was asked about her morning routine.

I heard that you are a morning person and that when you rest at home, you wake up at 5 in the morning and go cycling for two hours.

— Host

Kim Hee Ae then corrected the host and stated that it was an indoor bicycle and that she still kept her routine, except instead of two hours, she cycles for one.

Kim Hee Ae then spoke about the The World Of The Married, which was one of the most-watched K-Dramas of 2020. The drama which, starred Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon, and an up-and-coming Han So Hee, was nothing short of a sensation and finished with a viewer rating of 28.4%.

Kim Hee Ae complimented her co-stars in the drama, first stating that Park Hae Joon was a great actor, to which Moon So Ri responded by saying that she “Watched him since he was a baby and performing at the theatre.”

Park Hae Joon (left) |

Park Hae Joon acted so well. He’s a solid person.

— Kim Hee Ae

The actress then spoke about Han So Hee. The World Of The Married is considered Han So Hee’s breakout drama, in which she shocked and awed audiences with her beauty and acting abilities.

Kim Hee Ae revealed that she had purposedly kept Han So Hee, who plays the role of Kim Hee Ae’s husband’s mistress in the drama, afar in fear of breaking character. Despite this, the actress complimented Han So Hee’s work ethic and stated that it was inevitable that Han So Hee would become a star.

I thought if I spoke with Han So Hee, I would break character, so I didn’t get close to her and kept her afar on purpose. It was inevitable that Han So Hee would be successful. Her face is so pretty, but she also prepares really well. She was ready to be a star. There’s a reason she is doing so well.

— Kim Hee Ae

Since Han So Hee’s breakout role in The World Of The Married, the actress has become one of Korea’s brightest shining stars. Han So Hee has fans anticipating her return in the upcoming K-Drama, Price Of Confession, which also stars Song Hye Kyo.

Check out Kim Hee Ae’s full interview in the link below.

Source: wikitree
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