Han So Hee Makes An All-Cash Purchase Of A Luxury Apartment In Achiul Village — Here’s Why The Public Is Reacting Positively To It

Congratulations on her success!

Actress Han So Hee has made a purchase of a luxury apartment in the esteemed Achiwul Village. With the Korean public in recent uproar over celebrity real estate speculations, here’s why her purchase was seen positively compared to other celebrities’ recent land and building purchases.

Han So Hee bought an apartment in a luxury villa in Achiwul Village. Located just a quick thirty minutes drive from Seoul, the village is positioned in nearby Guri. The village has become the choice for many celebrities in recent years due to its prime location and ideal surroundings. She purchased it for ₩1.96 billion KRW (about $1.64 million USD).

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Her apartment in Villa De Greeum was purchased below market price. She got the deal after personally visiting various real estate agents and checking up on the place by herself. The price in summer 2021 was ₩21.5 billion KRW (about $17.9 million USD).

Han So Hee’s purchase has come in a time where the real estate market is facing huge inflation and prices are soaring. The public yields resentment towards celebrities that jack up the real estate prices using their name value and fame. Furthermore, real estate speculation amongst celebrities has been criticized of late, such as when Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon bought a piece of land in advance for a soon-to-be-developed area. The public alleged that Taeyeon got inside information due to her celebrity status. On the other hand, actor Ryu Jun Yeol also got into hot soup recently for flipping a land and building using 90% loans.

The public’s reaction towards Han So Hee’s purchase however, remains positive. This comes with two major reasons.

1) Han So Hee’s rags to riches story

One of Han So Hee’s most public-friendly points is her rags-to-riches story. Having grown up under her grandmother due to family issues, many resonated with her background.

Eventually, she moved to Seoul with less than $300 USD in her pocket and got a job at a bar to support herself. She worked nights in the bar and looked for modelling gigs in the day. She got her big break with World Of The Married a few years later.

2) Her all-cash purchase

The public had frowned upon Ryu Jun Yeol’s recent purchase and sales news because he had done it through loans. Normal people aren’t able to receive huge loans easily, but Ryu Jun Yeol’s celebrity status allowed him to borrow millions in loans to purchase the land and building. He also used loans for the renovation works. While flipping is not illegal and is usually also done for profit, the public was upset that he received preferential treatment on loans.

Han So Hee on the other hand, made her purchase with all cash. She even took her time with the purchase, first putting a downpayment in, on December 20, 2021. She finished paying the balance on February 15, 2022, and the deed was transferred to her.

Congratulations to Han So Hee on her success!

Source: Naver and Skye Daily