Scarring? Affecting Her Work? — Here’s What Han So Hee Truly Thinks About Her New Dermal Piercings

Here’s why she did it.

As an actress, Han So Hee has always been known for her beauty. She can pull off any look available. From elegant and sultry…

Han So Hee for Charlotte Tilbury, | Charlotte Tilbury

…to a sweet girl-next-door vibe.

She also can perfectly play the part of someone from the olden days.


With her versatile looks as one of her biggest weapons, it was no wonder that fans were concerned when they saw that she had gotten new piercings in.

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She debuted two snake bite piercings near her lips, and two dermal piercings below her eye. The star went on live stream to quell fans’ curiosity about the new studs.

Of course, many were concerned about her new look. As piercings can be rather permanent, fans were worried that it may affect her future pieces. Even though piercings can easily be taken out, there is a chance of scarring. Being an actress, facial scars will possibly impose a limitation on her work. Han So Hee spoke candidly, indicating that she was well-aware of any possible complications. The star maturely explained that she would take the necessary means to prevent them from impeding her career.

To be honest, about the piercings, after having them in, I’ll probably remove them when I have to. I’ve never done it before so I did it. I also do think that if my piercings become an objet that help my work, then I will leave them in. As for removing them, they said that piercings will scar if you leave them in for too long, but I guess I’ll have to treat them using some other physical method. But for now, I’m not that worried about scarring. I just think that I did something I wanted to.

— Han So Hee

Her responsible yet candid answer warmed the hearts of fans.

I’m cheering on So Hee doing whatever she wants to do. I’ve never seen an actress like this before. I love you, So Hee.

— jjjjhat

Do everything you want to!

— dntlrdntlr

As Han So Hee is known for her alternative and hip styling away from the camera, fans weren’t completely blindsided by the look. She has been known to rock tattoos and a more punk style pre-debut.

Han So Hee pre-debut with tattoos. | @kdramaluvrr/Twitter

We’re just happy that Han So Hee is happy!