Actress Han So Hee “Flirts” With Song Hye Kyo Once More On Instagram

We love to see it.

Actress Han So Hee is slated to appear in a new K-Drama opposite Song Hye KyoThe Price of Confession (working title) is described as a murder mystery that ties the two women in a blood bath. Song Hye Kyo is set to play Ahn Yoon Soo, an art professor who dreams of ordinary happiness. She gets sucked into the murder case unpredictably, and her life completely changes. Han So Hee will play Mo Eun, a mysterious lady that no one knows about. Everyone is scared of her because of her antisocial tendencies. She’s weak to only one person — Yoon Soo, who shakes up her world.

Ever since the news was released, the two have been flirting up a storm on social media. Han So Hee frequently posted Instagram stories about her co-star.

She also made sure to comment on Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram posts.

Now you’re mine…

— Han So Hee

Fans even jokingly dubbed it “Lovestagram.”

When Song Hye Kyo went viral for her beauty at the 2023 Baeksang Awards, you can bet that Han So Hee jumped at the chance to flirt. Fans went crazy every time Song Hye Kyo was captured by the reaction camera.

Look at how Song Hye Kyo is clasping her hands hoping for Lim Ji Yeon to get the award.

— @k_h_o_llee

GIFs of her beauty went viral on online communities.

| theqoo

Han So Hee posted a screenshot of the viral moment and adorned it with many hearts. She also added a cute sticker of a woman clapping, expressing her awe at Song Hye Kyo.

Han So Hee’s Instagram story. | @xeesoxee/Instagram

We’re living for their flirty moments! Make sure to tune in to The Price Of Confession when it drops in 2023!

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